OUR STORY started in 1996 with a handful of clients, since then we have printed millions and millions of products while raising our four sons.

Merging our passion for print and family was a natural creation as the sweetness of Honey Bee Print came to life. The desire to preserve our family memories and guide others in doing the same, with the highest quality of products, the fastest production time in our industry, and a lifetime guarantee, drives our production family daily. Now our four sons are part of our caring production staff – truly making Honey Bee Print a gift from our family to yours.


Author, public speaker, creative chronologist, and President of Honey Bee Print since 2020. Gina has a passion for preserving the sweetness of every moment and creating a lifestyle of memory keeping.


We have been in the print industry for over 20 years, printing for other companies since 1996 in Utah. We decided to cut out the middleman and go directly to you, the consumer. By cutting out the middleman we are able to offer the same, and in some circumstances a considerably higher quality product, for significantly lower prices. In-house, top-of-the-line digital printing presses allow us to control all aspects of production, making our production time 2X faster than our competitors.

Honey Bee Print

1472 W 105 N
Orem, UT 84057
Call us now: (888) 711-0909
Email: support@honeybeeprint.com


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